Switch Up The Style Of Your Silver Spring Bathroom

With Streamline Kitchen And Bath Remodelers

Do you want a spa-like bathroom, wet room, or simply an update of an existing place? We are ready to work with you and give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors Silver Spring take the sting out of your renovating project by managing the entire renovation process. When you hire our services, all you need to worry about is how great your new bathroom will look once done.

silver spring bathroom remodeling
bathroom renovation silver spring

Large or small bathroom renovations, it doesn’t matter

Whether you want to replace a few appliances or completely redesign the bathroom, we are here to make the process easy and enjoyable. If you aren’t sure about what you need, our bathroom remodelers Silver Spring will advise you on what to do.

Besides helping you know the right renovations to make, we also help you with the planning. We help you create a “wish list” of everything you want to be included in the bathroom and guide you on what should go where so that you can get the most from it. We even create a 3D model of the project so that you can experience your new bathroom before you invest in it.

Bathroom renovation costs

You need money to undertake your remodeling project. Unfortunately, if this is your first time doing it, you might not know how to work out the refurbishment costs. After listening to your ideas, we sit down with you and come up with an approximate amount that you should budget for.

Many homeowners who come to us try working with a budget from a friend, family member, or neighbor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way.  Bathroom remodeling costs vary depending on plenty of factors, such as your contractor, where you are getting the materials, and the suppliers you work with. After years of bathroom remodeling , we have built connections with many suppliers, and we negotiate product prices to ensure our clients get the best deals. As you can guess, this goes a long way towards saving you a lot of money.

Every homeowner wants to keep the remodeling costs as low as possible, and we help you do this by advising you on what to do and what to avoid. What we don’t recommend is using low-quality products in your project. This is because as much as you save money when buying them, you often end up spending too much in the long haul as you keep replacing them.

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Why choose Streamline Kitchen and Bath?

We have plenty of attractive features that make us the best bathroom remodeling company in Silver Spring to work with. These features include:

Quality remodeling services

Although we aim to save our clients as much money as possible, we don’t mince on the quality of our services. Our way of saving money is reducing waste. This means that we use the recommended materials without wasting them, which ensures quality work at a low cost.

Unlike other companies that outsource their work to subcontractors, we use our certified and highly experienced bathroom remodelers. This means we have full control of the quality of work we deliver. If you doubt our prowess, you should know that over half of our business comes from referrals. No one can refer us unless they are happy and satisfied with our services, can they?

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We listen to you

Due to the novice nature of homeowners, most bathroom remodeling companies act know it all and don’t listen to the homeowners. This is not who we are. Since you are the homeowner and you know how you want your bathroom to look, we listen to your ideas and brainstorm how to bring them to life. Due to our vast experience, we advise on the best way to achieve your dream bathroom. You are the boss of the project, and this is why, before we even begin the project, we come up with a 3D rendering of the dream bathroom for your perusal. We only begin the project if you are satisfied with the model we created.

And when we are going on with the project, we involve you whenever we are making any major changes. For example, when we are replacing the floor, we consult you and confirm that you are comfortable with the new look. Finally, once the project is over, we go over it, confirm that everything is in order, and make any necessary changes.

We invest in our remodelers

We believe that our reputation solely lies with our remodelers, which is why we heavily invest in them. Twice a year, we take them for remodeling training.

This refreshes their skills and helps them stay on top of the recent remodeling trends, which allows them to come up with excellent and modern designs the next time they are consulting a client.

Would you love to remodel your bathroom with the best bathroom remodeling company in Silver Spring?

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