How to Choose the Right Bathroom Layout

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Layout

With bathroom remodeling, you must know the layout first. The fixed plumbing, size, vanity size you require, and more lets you choose from the different layout options. The guide to having a beautiful and functional bathroom layout helps you figure out the comfortable space that will meet the needs of your family.

Regardless of whether you are remodeling or just building, the right bathroom layout makes the process exciting and thoughtful. In order to make your dream bathroom possible, you need to spend time assessing your needs and come up with an efficient bathroom layout. If you have the perfect strategy and dimensions laid out, setting a budget is easier, finding a contractor takes less time, and you can buy beautiful finishes.

Plan it Well

The very first step is the planning of any remodeling process. You need a good basis of what you are looking to achieve before going for a design appointment, taking measurements, what you want and do not want, and more. Therefore, everything can be decided and you are ready for action.

Always be Inspired

If you do not know where to start, it is always great to see what other people have already done. In order for the process to be easier, you need to check bathroom images, and other styles you might like.

After that, you can pick and choose the elements you want, whether it is a certain suite, bath, shower, or wet room, and then decide if it goes into your floor space. Do you like open-plan bathrooms or do you want more traditional ones?

You will soon discover that your bathroom size is not really a factor because there are plenty of custom bathroom designs you can choose from.

How Will the Bathroom Be Used?

What activities are you thinking of doing in the different parts of the bathroom? For instance, do you want a place where you can sit and put your makeup on? Will your room use laundry facilities as well? In the shared space, what activities can occur, and which will become a private area? Do you like separate showers and bath areas? Do you want a tub that can accommodate 1 person or more? Do you like the water closet to have its own compartment?

Shower and Bath

Walk-in showers make a lot of fuss in the industry. They can emphasize luxury, maximize space, and are greatly appealing when you want to sell your house. If your bathroom is less spacious, a lot of homeowners are only for walk-ins. If you have a tub in your house, you can resale.

Where Your Toilet is Positioned

One of the main things to consider is where your toilet is positioned. This is normally dictated by the soil pipe. In the majority of cases, it will be a lot easier to fit your toilet where there is a soil pipe exiting the room, instead of considering other layouts. If your bathroom is small, a hung toilet on your wall might be the right option. They need less room compared to the closely coupled toilets, and the real space-saving devices.


When you begin to move the plumbing around, the labor costs will quickly go up. You can try laying out your design with the plumbing that is already in place. You can save thousands by doing this, so make sure to check if your design can use the plumbing that is already there.

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