How to Pick the Right Bathroom Faucet

How to Pick the Right Bathroom Faucet

Do you have a dilemma of choosing the right bathroom faucet? It can get very tricky because there are different styles, finishes, materials, prices, and other overwhelming factors. You will most likely use your faucet for a long time, which is why you might as well buy something that you are going to love.

You might see it as a simple plumbing piece, but your faucet is one of the most functional elements in the design and will be frequently used. When you plan an update, it would be good to make sure that you can find the best fit for your budget and household aesthetics. The idea is to look at the basics, and bathroom remodeling requires you to do that.

The Key Features You Need to Look at

In the bathroom, style is normally the inspiration of choice. For instance, a lot of people gravitate toward modern or traditional designs, but there are those who look at functionality and seek out single-handle or two-handle faucets. A lot of people might not realize this, but normally, the bath faucet comes with accessories in order to create a perfect bathroom look. You can have a style or finished upgrade by unscrewing and replacing the handle.

Find the Faucet Center

You need to make sure that you are measuring the faucet centers. This will refer to the distance, in inches, between pre-drilled faucet holes in the vanity or sink, from all centers of the left hole to the right hole’s very center. The center points should correspond to center faucet connections so they can be installed there. It would be important to measure the distance between the wall to faucet holes, and to account for other obstructions, like cabinets and mirrors.

When you design a bathroom update, you must remember that the different hardware pieces should be complementary. The faucet must be kept at a proportional and reasonable size. The spout must reach the middle of the sink basin and it should be high enough from the deck or vanity so it is well-balanced.

It is Not Just About Looks

The majority of people buy a faucet just for looks. That is a mistake you should never do. Looks should be considered, but you can normally achieve the look you want without sacrificing convenience and long-term dependability. If you are looking for advice on practical considerations, you should talk to manufacturers, faucet designers, plumbers, and retailers to get all the info you need to consider.


With the faucet style, remember that your choice will most likely be defined by space. Different styles of faucets depend on the style of the sink and how much space is available. When you choose a certain style, you are putting more emphasis on how your bathroom looks, either classic, modern, or in between.

Know How Much Water Pressure is Coming

Before you start the installation, you must verify and check that there is adequate water pressure for use. You can choose the perfect taps for the showers and sinks. Remember that those taps are found in the wall, and it needs more pressure than those that are directly installed in sanitary ware.

Count the Holes in the Sink

If you want to change from two handles to having just one, you must consider how many holes there are in the sink. When you have a “widespread” bathroom faucet that comes with two handles that are far from the sprout, you cannot use a single-handle model.

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