You can describe Dekton as a hybrid of the best surfacing materials. Made from porcelain, quartz, and glass that has been intensely heated and compacted to make it ultra-strong, Dekton is the perfect product to turn your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or facade into a unique space that everyone admires.

The Sinterized particle technology used to make the countertop ensures Dekton is resistant to: UV, stains, scratches, fire, heat, abrasion, thawing, ice, and hydrolysis.

The ultra-compaction process gives the countertops amazing mechanical properties such as high mechanical resistance, color stability, dimensional stability, non-porosity, and non-combustible. These attributes make the countertops easy to maintain and, at the same time, ensure they last for a long time.

Feel this is the right countertop for you? You can install it on any interior or exterior surface. The cool thing is you can install it in one pieceā€”not cuts, no joints, and no limits. When properly installed, Dekton gives the appeal of a completely uniform surface that is pleasing to look at and touch.