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Kitchen Remodeling

From concept to completion, we’ll help you achieve your kitchen dreams. Have you watched a kitchen episode and decided you must have that design? Or maybe you have even cut a kitchen snippet out of your favorite kitchen magazine that you want to accomplish? At Streamline Kitchen and Bath, we’ll help you achieve it.

We begin with listening to what you are looking to achieve then create a kitchen design, which includes a 3D rendering that helps you visualize how your kitchen will look like once complete. Once you have approved the design, we take full control of the project. Our specialists and experts get to work and deliver a kitchen that provides your family with a lifetime of memories.

Bathroom Remodeling

Don’t like the current look of your bathroom? Why not change it? At Streamline Kitchen & Bath, we believe every homeowner should have the bathroom of their dreams. Whether you want to make minor makeovers, full renovations, or add new bathroom additions, we are your one-stop-shop for all bathroom remodeling services. We’ll provide you with a free quote and design, so we get to understand your vision. When you decide to enlist our services, we designate you a designer to help you choose remodeling materials that will look good on your design.

Our highly trained project manager will manage the entire project, including deliveries, permits, inspections, and installation. This way, you have nothing to stress you out. You simply sit back and watch your bathroom come to life.

Cabinet Installation

Looking to give your cabinets a fresh look? We’ll help you with that. Our professional cabinet installers will remove the old cabinets and professionally and cleanly install the new ones. In the event the cabinets have problems or need modifications, our technicians are ready to provide a full service. Before removing the cabinets, we first assess their condition. If they are in a solid-state and provide enough storage and convenience, they only need re-facing. On the other hand, if they have no space, are in horrible shape, or you don’t like them, we replace them.

We’ll help you design the layout of the new cabinets to give your kitchen a new inviting look. Looking for maximum storage space? We’ll help you create the appropriate ceiling-high cabinets. Want cabinets you can easily reach? Our contractors will install rotating corner shelves or slide-out shelving.


Backsplashes shouldn’t merely protect the wall from splashes. They also should enhance the look of the kitchen area, making it more attractive. At Streamline Kitchen & Bath, we’ll help you choose the ideal material for your kitchen or bathroom and install it. An ideal backsplash should be good to look at and, at the same time, easy to maintain. One great material to try out is copper. To maintain it, you simply need to clean it with vinegar, salt, and flour. If you got a modern kitchen, great options are Retro, and black and white checkered tiles.

Our technicians pay attention to the design of the kitchen and your desired look to recommend the ideal material for your property.


From the plush carpet, tough sheet flooring and polished stone, to easy to maintain tile floors and environmentally conserving hardwood, we’ll help you install the right floor for your home or business. Our flooring contractors will help you choose the right material for your property then professionally install it so that it not only looks good, but also lasts for a long time.

After agreeing on the right material to install, you leave the rest to us. Our project manager oversees the entire installation ensuring the project progresses with as minimal hiccups as possible. In the event the floor develops a problem, our contractors move with haste and fix it as soon as possible.


It’s vital you properly light up the interior and exterior of your property as it’s what gives life to your property once the sunsets. Improperly installed lights lead to eye-straining and, at the same time, downgrade the appearance of your house.

Streamline Kitchen & Bath is dedicated to providing you with top-notch lighting services such as security lighting, landscape lighting, lighting installations, pool lighting, and low voltage lighting.

If you have a poorly lit area in your house that you want to brighten or you are putting up a new house that requires new light fixtures, our lighting contractors are armed to give your home the look it deserves.


We believe every wall deserves a top-notch, smooth finish. Whether looking to paint a residential or commercial property, Streamline Kitchen & Bath has plenty of painting options that will help you achieve your desired results. When working with us, we listen to what you want then proceed to create a detailed plan to get you a beautiful property within a reasonable time frame.

If you aren’t sure about the right color to go for, we help you choose one that will give your home an excellent look and, at the same time, last for a long time. Our contractors work at finding ways to save you money and adding value to your property without skimping on quality and craftsmanship.


Whether you are looking to restore your historic porch, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or fulfill your dream of built-in cabinets, our expertly trained carpenters and craftsmen are ready to help you achieve your vision.

We’re all about creating high-quality carpentry projects that look good for years, if not decades. To achieve this, we work with you every step of the way, from conception to completion. We listen to what you are looking to achieve then make our recommendations based on years of experience. Once we are on the same page, we proceed with the project and transform your home.