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Kitchen Remodeling Services

Whether you are looking to install new countertops, backsplash tile, flooring, or update the kitchen appliances, we will help you do so and change how your kitchen looks and functions.

Because of our years of experience and a team of experts, we will transform your kitchen in less time, with less stress, and at an amazing value.

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kitchen remodeling services

A full-service experience

Unless you want an appliance replaced or part of the kitchen renovated, you wouldn’t want a kitchen remodeler Rockville that leaves things half done, would you?

This is why we often provide a full service to our clients—unless stated otherwise. This means that when you hire us, we do everything necessary to give your kitchen a new life. This includes:

  • Coming up with unique kitchen designs and installation
  • Selecting the correct and quality kitchen materials and appliances
  • Making any necessary structural changes
  • Designing and installing custom cabinets
  • Installing the floor and wall tiles
  • Doing plumbing and electrical work
  • Finishing, grouting, painting, and molding.

We hold your hand

We believe every client deserves their unique kitchen design. Therefore, our staff at Streamline kitchen and bath strive to stay up to date with the latest kitchen styles and are constantly updating their catalogs.

When you visit us, we show you the many ideal options for your kitchen and guide you towards the perfect kitchen layout. We also help you choose the right countertops, custom cabinetry, tiles, and plumbing fixtures.

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How we do it

To ensure that every client gets customized service and is satisfied, we have a four-step kitchen remodeling process.


Everything begins here. You can always come to our showroom in Rockville, Maryland, but we prefer coming to your home for an in-house consultation. The purpose of doing this is so that our expert contractors can see the potential remodeling project.

We inspect and take measurements of your kitchen at your home, which comes in handy in executing the next step—designing the kitchen.

kitchen design consultation
kitchen 3d-design services

Kitchen Design

This is where our creative juices come into play.  To understand what you are looking for, we listen to your ideas, combine them with our vision and experience, and come up with custom kitchen layouts that are unique and functional.

To help visualize your kitchen, we provide you with 3D renderings of the results of your kitchen. This enables you to experience your new kitchen even before you invest in it financially.

As we are presenting the renderings, if you don’t like how they look, you can make changes, and we will move things around until you like the final product. Once we agree on the final proposal, we move on to the next step—installation.

Kitchen installation and remodeling

Here we install the vanity, sinks, cabinetry, countertops, and everything else of your choice in order to transform the look of your kitchen. To do this, we work quickly and efficiently with our team of expert remodelers and ensure that the project goes according to plan. To avoid delays, we usually schedule the installation to coincide with the material delivery. If necessary, we perform demo and removal and block off our work areas to keep your home clean and livable despite the installation work going on.

Rockville Installation and remodeling
kitchen remodeling Completion

Kitchen completion

After installing all the parts and appliances, we do a final walk-through to confirm that everything was done to your expectations. Together, we go through the project checklist and tick all the boxes.

To give you an easy time taking care of your new kitchen, we guide you on vital maintenance tasks you need to do and leave you with a care and maintenance manual that helps you take care of the various parts of the kitchen and the installed appliances.

Why choose us?

With so many kitchen remodeling companies Rockville, you must be wondering why you should hire our services and not any other company, right? Well, we bring plenty to the table. One perk is that we build with the best. From the contractors to the materials, we use only the best. We understand cheap is expensive, and this is why we always stay away from it. Unlike other companies that shove their ideas at you, we listen to you and what you want for the kitchen. After all, it’s yours, and you are the one that will be using it.

As much as we give guidance on kitchen design, the guidance isn’t meant to replace your vision—we improve on your vision based on our experience and design trends. A hundred percent satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so we aim to ensure that we give our all and keep the client happy with every project we undertake. So, do you have a kitchen remodeling project that you would love handled by quality-focused professionals? Get started now with a no-obligation quote request.

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