Imagine a surface that is durable and beautiful. A surface that allows you to create a look and design you have always wanted. That’s Wilsonart quartz countertops. These 100% acrylic based countertops are solid and nonporous, so they don’t need any sealing. They are also naturally resistant to mold, heat, mildew, and most stains. Although they aren’t immune to scratches, the scratches are repairable.  Featuring inconspicuous waterproof seams, the countertops are excellent options for custom designs such as drain boards, sinks, and bowls. The many designs make them a perfect choice for different applications. Some of the designs you can choose from include:

Grey Moonstone: This is a translucent light grey design ideal for people that don’t want to draw a lot of attention.

Classic travertine: Light and darker taupe accents featuring grey, white, and fine brown particulates.

Beige travertine: A beige movement design featuring black particulates and cool veining. Other designs to choose from include: iron falls, gulf coast, golden sail, and many others. For best results, work with your contractor and choose the right design for your surfaces.