Inspired by Italian marble and created with revolutionary engineering, Polarstone quartz countertops are one of a kind. Each Polarstone slab is unique with its background color, distinct flow patterns, and vein colors.

Due to these differences, it’s highly recommended you install slabs of the same batch, so you get the best match of colors. Beyond design, the countertops require little maintenance as the surfaces are easy to clean and hard to damage. Other benefits include:

Durability: Polarstone is hard, so it doesn’t easily chip or crack. This feature also means the countertops are heat and scratch-resistant.

Low maintenance: Unlike porous stone, you don’t need to seal or polish Polarstone quartz. All you need to do is to wipe away fingerprints and scuffed up areas regularly.

Top-quality: Polarstone’s quartz mixing and resin vibro-compression technology is proprietary, creating dense, high-quality countertops with unique, inviting designs. To assure you quality, Polarstone countertops are backed with a 15-year warranty.