9 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Must Avoid

9 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Must Avoid

Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting because you can add the things you want and make the space your own. But if enough planning doesn’t go into the process, it can lead to a disaster. You’ll want to avoid that so take note of the kitchen remodeling mistakes below and make sure a kitchen remodeling contractor has your back.

Selecting Low-Quality Materials

You’re renovating your kitchen and spending money on the materials, labor, and managing the limited space due to the remodel. So, you should use this opportunity to invest in materials that are high-quality instead of low-quality materials.

It may be tempting to buy the least expensive fixtures and materials for your kitchen remodel because it will help you save money, but it won’t be useful. Low-quality materials will wear quickly and you will be left with having to repair them too often. This will take your time and money every time.

So, if you have come this way to remodel your kitchen, don’t settle for low-cost materials and choose at least mid-range materials if you can’t afford top-quality.

Another piece of advice is to never begin a kitchen remodel if you don’t have enough money to invest in quality materials.

DIYing Your Kitchen Remodel

This mistake also revolves also saving money. Many homeowners who want to spend the least amount of money on their kitchen remodel try to DIY most of the processes.

If you like home improvement projects, it may be interesting and engaging for you to remodel your kitchen yourself, but unless you’re skillful enough, DIYing kitchen remodeling can lead to flaws and mistakes. The entire kitchen remodel can quickly become a meme-worthy affair.

So, whether your kitchen remodeling involves replacing the flooring, removing and installing new cabinets, replacing the countertop, or installing lighting, leave it to professionals. Again, if you have limited funds and can’t spend money on the labor, simply hold off on the remodel until you have the money to pay a contractor for the kitchen update you want.

Choosing Appliances After Installing Cabinets

Your appliances need to fit in the space between and around the cabinetry for a seamless and clean look. However, if you’re taking measurements for cabinets and installing them way before thinking about appliances, it can prove to be a big mistake.

Once you install the cabinets, your options will become limited because you will have to buy appliances that have the right dimensions to fit where you want them to without removing the cabinets again.

Moreover, if you purchase appliances first, you have the freedom to install the cabinetry around them and also choose materials, hardware, and colors that complement the appearance of the appliances.

Not Considering The Chef’s Triangle

Also called the kitchen triangle, it’s the triangle between your stove, sink, and refrigerator. A kitchen can appear beautiful, but if the kitchen triangle is not taken care of, the kitchen design will make your everyday kitchen hours more difficult. And the last thing you want is to spend so much money on a kitchen remodel and end up with a design that makes things harder for you.

However, experts also warn against installing these three appliances too close to each other. This can make a small part of the space crowded when one person is using the stove and the other is using the sink.

So, the distance should not be too much or too less. Moreover, if you have the space, incorporating a kitchen triangle using a kitchen island is a preferred method. The sink of the kitchen island becomes the center point and the stove and the refrigerator can be around it.

Not Taking The Samples Home

In the excitement of the remodel, some homeowners make quick decisions regarding colors and styles of flooring, cabinets, and other important parts of the kitchen. They base their decisions on how the material appears in the showroom. However, it must be noted that the same material may appear a bit different when installed in your home because lighting and the colors around the materials also impact the final look.

Therefore, avoid selecting styles and colors of materials in the showroom and take the samples home so you can check them out in the lighting where they will be installed.

Ignoring The Actual Space Required By Appliances And Cabinets

Stuffing the kitchen with appliances is a mistake many homeowners make which you should not. Moreover, take care of the space your appliances and cabinets need for the opening and closing of their doors and lids. You don’t want your refrigerator door striking the kitchen island or another appliance placed in front of the refrigerator.

Most space problems are caused by the installation of a wrongly sized kitchen island. Moreover, some kitchens are small and can’t take a kitchen island. However, if you install one, it will lead to the above-mentioned problems.

Not Keeping The Athletics Of The Nearby Rooms Of The Kitchen

Your kitchen should appear as a part of the house so going with a completely different color pallet won’t do good for the overall aesthetics of the house. Even if you want to make the kitchen a unique space, incorporate some of the colors of the areas near the kitchen so the transition is seamless.

Changing Your Mind In The Middle Of The Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling goes in a certain order so you need to create a plan and then imagine that it’s set in stone. If you change your mind halfway through the project, it will be a costly and time-consuming mistake.

For instance, after selecting the size, style, and material of the cabinets and installing them, you go for countertop installation. So, you can’t change anything related to the cabinets after the countertop installation except the color and the cabinetry hardware. If you want to change the material, this will mean removing the countertop and the entire cabinetry, ordering the new material, and installing it again.

This will skyrocket the cost of your kitchen remodel considering that cabinets are one of the costliest parts of kitchen remodeling.

Therefore, take your time to plan things and decide on everything. After that, stick to the plan.

Forgetting About Electrical Wiring And Outlets

Your kitchen needs to be functional apart from appearing beautiful. So, take care of the electrical wiring and outlets you need for your kitchen appliances otherwise, you may have a microwave oven beautifully installed around cabinets, but there won’t be an electric outlet for it to work.

Forgetting about these small details is common because most homeowners focus on the cabinets, sinks, and countertops for the kitchen remodel and overlook things like electrical wiring.

Lighting is another factor that is ignored by people and their kitchens appear dark and without life. Therefore, make sure your kitchen remodeling team includes an electrician as well who can take care of these things.

This will not only ensure electric wiring for the appliances and sufficient lighting but also the safety of your kitchen.


Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project so you should make sure that it’s done right. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to prevent additional costs. Lastly, interview various kitchen remodeling companies Silver Spring to choose one that has an experienced and skilled team.