How to Choose a Kitchen Worktop

How to Choose a Kitchen Worktop

With a kitchen remodeling contractor doing projects, the cabinetry might feel as if it determines the main decision, but the worktop choice has the same importance. Aside from having a nice kitchen, you also need a good worktop because it will be the best. It is because of everyday usage – from water marks and food spills to heat damage.

Worktop materials can radically change in the past couple of years, which offers a wide choice across different budgets. Technology has provided tough materials that are indestructible options for busy family homes. Open-plan kitchen layout trends and living room styles in kitchens today have caused luxe materials to be introduced for people who can give them proper care.


Porcelain is an option you can do that is food-safe and hard-wearing. This is strain and scratch-resistant so you can directly chop onto the surface and it can withstand any high temperatures. This is non-porous as well, which makes it easy to maintain cleanliness. You can choose a matte finish over a highly polished one because they will become marked in the long run, but it is more stain-resistant than concrete or marble.


Granite is very popular for worktops. It is luxurious and stylish, and it adds a quality feel to any kitchen. It is also functional and durable – this is among the most important worktop qualities you are looking for.

Since granite is made of natural stone, you can choose among the many shades and patterns that can match the color scheme of kitchens. Regardless if your kitchen is traditional or modern, you can find something in the granite that is both appealing and unique.


Quartz is a man-made stone, and it has natural stone durability. Among the best things about quartz is its scratch resistance and it can withstand chipping easily, making it low-maintenance.

Quartz has a consistent stone quality, which makes your worktop look more finished. In addition, buying quartz worktop can help contribute to the green revolution because it contains waste materials.

Natural Hardwood

Natural hardwood is a traditional favorite because of its natural warmth and it gains more character as it ages. Hardwood is chosen over ‘soft’ woods such as pine because of its strength. The popular choices are walnut, oak, and iroko. You should always choose sustainable wood from an accredited source.

Hardwood worktops can suit all styles. Hardwood can easily be incorporated into a contemporary scheme using stainless steel or glass so it adds warmth.


The best and most affordable option is laminate, and it provides a dense surface using compressed layers of resin and paper bonded to the chipboard. Laminate can emulate how any other material looks, from marble to wood, and it comes in a wide range of plain colors. Edges form afterward, so there will be no seams, making it easier to clean. Laminate is impact, heat, and scratch resistant.

Designs already evolved, and there is a huge selection of contemporary patterned, plain, and realistic finishes like wood, stone, and concrete. This gives the appearance of the material without any maintenance issues.

Glass Worktops

Glass has always been a favorite among interior designers for the light touch it gives to any scheme and its reflective sheen that boosts light levels. Glass is non-porous that can stand against moisture, spills, and splashes, and they are easily wiped clean. This makes it a practical and beautiful solution for any kitchen. Aside from that, glass is very classic to look at and can match almost any kitchen design.

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