How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Fan

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are required and they provide ventilation. Sometimes, they are needed even if there are windows because a bathroom fan removes hot and moist air and odors. However, installing just any bathroom fan is not enough. Aside from having the best bathroom remodeling design, you will need ventilation. When you install an undersize fan, it will not be worth it even if the minimum requirements are met.

You have to understand how those fans are sized, and knowing how to choose the right one is important. The fan should have the right capacity for your bathroom.

In this article, you are going to find the best tips when it comes to buying a fan that is perfect for your space. Read on now.

The Right Bathroom Fan Capacity

Similar to choosing the right air conditioner size for any room, picking the right size of a bathroom fan is crucial. Buying a fan that is too big produces a lot of noise and takes up a lot of space. This is especially true if you buy a 3-in-1 kind that comes with a heater. Buying an exhaust fan that is too small will not have a significant effect.

A bathroom with no shower requires an air change of 6 to 8 per hour. The ones with a shower need an air change of 15 to 20 every hour. This final number gives you what your bathroom needs.

Bathroom Fan Types

They normally come in 3 styles: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and remote/inline.

  • Wall-mounted fans are placed on the house’s external wall and are normally used if there is no other way to vent air out. For instance, a bathroom on the first floor.
  • The ceiling mounted fan is placed in the ceiling and it is vented into the attic or through the roof.
  • Remote/inline fans have one located in a remote area like an attic; the ductwork links the fan to an opening in the ceiling that the grill covers. Most of the time, inline fans are for when a homeowner wants to use just one fan for all or some of the bathrooms or to put multiple vents in a large bathroom.


Modern bathroom fans have some innovative features that make them more effective and convenient to use. The 3-in-1 models are innovative because they include heat, exhaust, and lighting. Therefore, you will not have to deal with a lot of wiring, which is all you need in a bathroom fan model. With this kind of fan, you will have good bathroom ventilation the entire year. In addition, you will have the perfect lighting and stay warm in the colder months.

The humidity and motion sensors improve efficiency and help to conserve energy. Humidity sensors monitor the bathroom and trigger the fan to switch on when there is a rise in humidity above a specific level and then switch off when there is less humidity. The motion sensor detects anyone who enters the bathroom and only the fan or light switches on.

Noise Level

A lot of people use their bathroom to shower and relax. Therefore, there is nothing more frustrating than being disturbed by a noisy fan. Therefore, when you choose an exhaust fan, you need to prioritize the noise level. Modern fans are made with high-quality motors. This makes sure that the fan is quiet, which allows you to enjoy your bathroom time. It is not true that higher power motors produce a lot of noise because it is the opposite.

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