How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

From choosing the lighting to the paint – there are a lot of major decisions that are involved when it comes to making your house homier. With all the moving parts, it can be difficult to remember that the design is also part of the details as well. The hardware is a detail that easily becomes an afterthought. The right pull or doorknob can make a serious visual impact, which elevates the room in a way that is effortless and easy. When you consider the countless times that cabinet hardware is used every day, it is clear that a well-made piece of hardware is worth your investment.

The kitchen remodeler can give you advice on what should be done as well. Read on to learn more.

Decide if You Want a Knob or Pull

There are no rules you can follow when you are choosing whether to choose a knob, a pull, or both. One thing you can use for your doors and pulls for drawers are knobs. For the large doors like the pantry and pull-out doors, use a pull.

It is a lot more comfortable to open a drawer with a pull. This will allow you to grab it with your hand instead of your fingertips. This is helpful because drawers can become heavy with all the pans, pots, dishes, and more.

Positioning and Size

You need to consider the balance, aesthetics, function, and proportion when you are deciding upon the door knob size or pull for the kitchen cabinetry. The oversized cabinet door or drawer requires a big piece of hardware for the right functionality. A small-sized knob or pull is perfect for a smaller drawer or door. A good rule to follow for transitional or traditional style pulls is they have to be about one-third of the cabinet drawer length. Drawers that are wider than eighteen inches might need more than one pull or knob. More contemporary designs require long pulls that are about two-thirds of the drawer length or cabinet door.

How Will the Hardware be Mounted

Being aware of how the hardware will be mounted is another thing that makes your kitchen cabinet hardware selection either “love it” or “regret it”.

You should know how many holes are going into the doors for the hardware handle, and make sure you know if the spacing is considered or unique. Your remodeler is going to save this information available.

When you install some hardware that you kind of love now, but the size is uncommon, then you can already switch it out. You are going to be stuck with another option of that same size. That is the reason why the number and spacing of drill holes are important details you should know.

Think of the Finish

When you start searching for the right hardware, you are going to find it in different finishes. First, it could be helpful to decide if you are into white, black, silver, or gold. After that, you will need to narrow down even more and decide between polished nickel or brushed nickel, stainless steel, lacquered brass, matte black, brushed bronze, etc.

Cabinet hardware elevates your design by providing a space contrast or coordinating with other home elements. You should tell them about your faucet finishes, whether it is for the kitchen or bathroom, other room or bar. It is pretty popular to mix finishes now, which means there are no rules when it comes to matching all finishes.

You can contact kitchen remodeling contractor Silver Spring anytime you want to have the right hardware installed.