How to Pet-Proof Your Home Remodeling Project

How to Pet-Proof Your Home Remodeling Project

Whether it is a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, you should make sure that your pets are safe. Any home remodeling project involves things lying around and your pets might accidentally run into them. Your young, startled, and mischievous pets could start barking, get into things they should not, or run out the door. A home renovation can cause you and your pet a lot of stress. If you want to alleviate stress, you should consider some tips mentioned in this article.

There are so many dangers and hazards that are presented to pets during a home remodeling project regardless of where it is in your home. You can use this article as a guide.

Put a Microchip in Your Pet

If you have not done this already, you should put a microchip on your dog or cat. That way, in case your pet escapes during a home renovation, the local shelter can quickly identify who owns your pet and they can contact you. it is also smart to take a photo of your current in case you need to make lost cat or dog flyers.

Avoid Poisonous Materials

Almost anything constitutes poisonous materials to your pets when you start to get down on the nitty-gritty of the renovation of your home. The adhesives, cleansers, or anything small enough they can swallow. You might end up having to take your pet for emergency surgery. For instance, if your pet accidentally swallows Gorilla Glue, a household fixative that is found in almost all toolkits.

Foot Traffic and Noise

In a home renovation, contractors are going to walk in and out of the house, shouting back and forth, and using power tools that are generally can be stressful to your pets. When the door opens and closes, your pets could get loose. Foot traffic can also cause your pet to get trampled in case they are in the way. Loud noises can upset old and young pets, especially the anxious ones.

Animals have different reactions when they are scared. Some can become territorial and potentially scratch, bark, or even bite workers. Others can become startled and run away. Some can become anxious, causing an accident inside the house.

Put Your Pet in a Crate

Try to prevent your pet from escaping out of the door when you keep it in a crate safely, or in a secured space that is comfortable on workdays. Your pet may feel inconvenient for a while, but it will outweigh the dangers of letting a pet be underfoot or unleashed in a construction zone.

Ask Which Projects Can be Done Outside

Some home project renovations entail harmful fumes. The majority of all projects create noise and dust. Chemicals and dusty particles are mainly harmful, especially when it comes to birds. In case it is required by the construction to remove asbestos, then you would want to remove pets from your premises.

When it comes to loud noises, you should know how much your dog reacts to the fireworks or vacuum cleaners. In case a nail gun or jackhammer can set off your pet, which can be wise to find someplace else for your pet where they can stay during the day. You can set up a play date or you can get your neighbor to keep an eye on them during that time.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Consider hiring a pet sitter like a professional who can take care of your pet during the construction.

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