Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid

Deciding on design is one of the most important parts of every room in your home, but even more so if you are going to pay for a kitchen remodeling contractor. The kitchen is where you dine, cook, and entertain your needs, but it should be stylish at the same time. More than that, the fittings and fixtures are expensive and hard to change after installation. Therefore, knowing the kitchen trends you need to avoid, which are only passing fads you need to resist is important in ensuring that your space stays in style no matter the season.

Kitchen trends are a provocative topic among all designers. Most of the good ones are going to tell you to avoid this trend and opt for a timeless, proven design feature for a classic scheme that lasts for decades.  Read on to learn more.

Open Concept Kitchen

An open concept kitchen could be among the biggest kitchen trends in the 21st century, but the latest trend for modern kitchens is intended for modern kitchens in order to create defined zones so that it becomes easy to work in.

With kitchen organization, you need to consider the zoning instead of using an open plan layout. Zones in your kitchen include prep, cooking, dining, consumables, entertaining, and cleaning. The designated areas allow you to store and organize items in an efficient way.

If there are more people than ever who are adopting a work-from-home setup, it is important to have defined spaces.

All-White Kitchen

White is going to always have a place in your kitchen, regardless if it is through painted cabinetry or a marble countertop. However, if you go all-white, you will commit a design mistake that can make your kitchen feel lifeless and more outdated.

All-white kitchens will look too sterile and cold. In order to modernize white kitchen ideas, you should interrupt the cold palettes with warm wood, hues, or stone. This is going to add depth and interest while making the space look contemporary.

Shaded or Frosted Light Fixtures

There are many things that go on inside the kitchen. It is a gathering space, filled with appliances, and people always make use of the surfaces. The shaded or frosted light fixtures, once popular in the past, make the kitchen look busier and enclosed.

You can change your lighting options to clear glass or open light. It is going to add more lighting to your space, and it is especially helpful in case you cannot have an open kitchen that overlooks other parts of the home.

Brass Faucets

Brass is a design trend that has lasted for ages because it adapts to almost any kitchen design. Brass fixtures could be everything from ultra-luxe to industrial, but this trend should go. The finishes come and go, so it is better to use brass as cabinetry hardware or light fixtures so that you can change them out anytime.

You should avoid using brass for permanent fixtures, like pot filters and kitchen sink faucets.

Patterned Backsplash

When you use it correctly, patterned tiles are a great way to bring space and escapism – and they can even work well if you want to add some color to an all-white kitchen. However, avoid using busy patterns as the backsplash because it will make it appear unappealing and loud. The designer has explained that subtle vintage tiles might work in the space, but stay away from busy patterns so your space will not look chaotic. It is going to worsen the ambiance of your kitchen.

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