Top Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Top Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Hiring a kitchen remodeler is a good idea if you want to reface the kitchen cabinets. If the setup is no longer working for you, then you definitely need to hire someone. Cabinet refacing is a nice process where you replace the front of the drawers, knobs, and cabinet doors and apply a new veneer to all kitchen cabinet parts. Instead of installing a new cabinet after removing the last one, you should make some changes to the external parts in the kitchen or bathroom.

There can be a lot of work in your kitchen, but cabinet refacing is one of the important changes you will make in the kitchen.

Cabinets Will Seem Like New

The primary reason why you are looking for kitchen cabinet refacing is that you want to refurbish the style and look of your kitchen cabinets, as well as the aesthetics they are providing. The main benefit of kitchen refacing is that they look new, whether the same kitchen cabinets are revitalized to make them look new, or you changed the style, theme, or material. It is simpler, easier, and cheaper to resurface your kitchen cabinet and make them look new. This is regardless if it is the same style to make it look new or just a part of a bigger kitchen remodeling.

Prevents Wastage

You must avoid removing existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones if they are still in good condition. Replacing and installing them will produce a lot of waste and that can result in the hazardous waste build-up. In addition, you might have to invest money in buying new cabinets.


The majority of cabinets have a formaldehyde material, which is hazardous and might end up in landfills. This can be prevented by cabinet refacing. A lot of the companies that offer cabinet refacing services recycle the removed parts like cabinet doors, hardware, and drawer fronts. In addition, you can prevent tree cutting in the forests that are needed to build new cabinets. It can be said that cabinet refacing is a green option.

Effective and Affordable

Another great benefit that comes with kitchen cabinet refacing is your savings while you get incredible and effective service. The installation of a new cabinet, or even the restructuring and remodeling of the kitchen cabinet layout is difficult, and the materials, time, and services can all lead to an expensive total. Cabinet refacing gives you the majority of the benefits of new cabinets in your kitchen, and the price is highly reduced. The tools, materials, and services required for kitchen refacing is a lot cheaper compared to a large kitchen remodeling project. Therefore, you have the same effectiveness and quality of new kitchen cabinets, but a lot less expensive.

There are Several Finishing Options

You can pick from the available veneering options and colors to reface your kitchen cabinets. Real wood veneers like maple, oak, birch, and hickory are available. You can change the wood’s look and grain by choosing the right doors and colors. You can also add new trim and molding. You can add glass doors to show the collectibles. That is why you will feel like you are getting brand new kitchen cabinets.

You will get exactly what you want without the high price tag when you pay for kitchen cabinet resurfacing.

Hire the right kitchen remodeling contractor Silver Spring to get the result you want and not have to pay for a lot.