How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

When you do a bathroom remodeling project, but you choose the right vanity, it can make or break the design of your bathroom. If you awkwardly place it in a traffic route, you use mismatched or poor materials, or there is not enough storage, the rest of the bathroom is going to suffer.

The style of the vanity complements the room style or it can make a bold statement like if you have a craftsman-style home, you might think of going with a clean-lined shaker.

If you are having a hard time making up your mind about what to choose, this article is going to give you the tips you are looking for.


You need to have good access. It is important to choose a spot for your vanity that will not mess with the bathroom’s traffic flow or block the door or shower door. It is imperative to check if the surrounding areas are accessible for easy cleaning. In case the vanity includes doors, is the space around it enough for foot traffic if you open them?

Homeowners consider other architectural features when they are deciding on a spot. Make sure that nearby windows will allow mirror wall cabinets on the vanity. Keep in mind that vanity plays an important role in the bathroom’s function and requires space around it so it can function properly.


No matter what kind of vanity you are choosing from, proper lighting is important. Normally, there is a lighting fixture on the sink mirror but that will cast a shadow on your face. You should use scones instead, which are placed on the wall at five and a half feet from the floor and flanking mirror. It is going to illuminate the face properly when you are applying makeup, shaving, or drying hair.

If you have a powder room, you only need two scones, while a master and guest bath with two sinks will need three or four scones. A light on the tub and shower and one on the toilet should provide enough light for a master or guest bathroom.


Vanities are placed in humid, busy, and wet environments. The materials that make up the vanity you choose should have the capacity to stand up to this environment. Thermofoil and laminates work well in bathrooms. Wood should be sealed and lacquered properly, but lacquer is not indestructible.

Clients should be warned that clear finishes are mainly lacquer and water affects the finish if you leave it there. You should look for a good vanity top, and stay away from any grout that is hard to clean. If you want to redo other bathroom finishes, you should consider the top vanity first.


You should take account of what you are using because it will help you decide how much you will need in your new vanity. Take an inventory of what you store in the current vanity. You should organize everything by what you will need to have in reach and what you will just need to have nearby.

This is going to put into perspective what you have to store and where you should place it.

Color and Finish

Vanity finishes are normally glass, wood, or metal and it comes in different colors. The most popular vanities are black and white, but some trending colors and finishes include gray, navy, rich espresso, or light oak. If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can paint the wooded cabinet the color you want.

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