How to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

How to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

Bathroom and cozy might be mutually exclusive, but looking it up online can give you a lot of ideas.

You can spend a few minutes in your bathroom and visualize the ideas you found online so you can make your bathroom cozier. You might close your eyes and imagine that you are enveloped in warm water. The cozy bathrooms you have seen online now belong to you.

Bathroom remodelers can help you achieve the cozy bathroom you want, but there are things you can do on your own.

Keep in mind that the bathroom is more than just a place for cleaning. Think about it as your sanctuary, and it is among the few places where you can retreat.

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Mood Lighting

When you fit wall lights or under-counter lighting into the bathroom, you can turn off the main lights while enjoying a bath. You can instantly create an atmosphere that is inviting and snug.

If you add a large window or skylight, you will be allowing natural light which varies throughout the day, allowing you to experience something like the sunrise while showering. Imitation candles and spotlights are excellent options for those who are interested in atmospheric mood lighting and you can choose something with a dimmer switch function if you want a varying light intensity.

Choose Rain Shower Heads

A lot of people choose a shower over a bathtub. It consumes less time to shower and it allows you to become more dynamic. The water should have the perfect temperature and your body should be comfortable wearing it. This is the reason why shower heads are perfect. It will give you a pleasant feeling and it is relaxing as well.

Repurpose Smaller Pieces of Furniture

If you have a small piece of furniture and you do not know how to use it, try putting it next to your bathtub as an end table. There, you can use it as a place where you can place all the things you want near as you are taking a bath – wine, books, candles, plants, washcloths, and anything else you want.

Tiles and Furniture

Choose enamel basins compared to stainless steel, and vintage wood instead of pine to add warmth and comfort. You can also use drawers and sides for more texture, which is important to creating space that does not feel too cold or clean-cut.

The right tiles are going to serve the same purpose and add a touch of vintage comfort if you sparingly use them. Mosaic styles are an excellent option for traditionalists like styles that intersperse the colored tile among the white ones.

Match the Hardware

Matching the drawer pulls and cabinets are easy. Still, if you are able to match toilet paper holders, shower curtain rings, towel racks, and other finishes, this can help you pull together the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Put Plants Where You Want to

If you like plants, you will love it if your bathroom has enough natural light to help their transformation into an indoor garden. If you are lucky and have nice bathroom windows, think about setting plants on your window sills, at the sides of the tub, and on any flat surface, you can think of.


Art is not only for the dining room or living room. You can also hang a framed picture in the bathroom. It can be a relaxing landscape, your favorite painting, or anything you love looking at while in the tub.

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