How to Choose the Kitchen Cabinets You Will Love

How to Choose the Kitchen Cabinets You Will Love

Choosing the colors of kitchen cabinets can be a difficult task and after all, the units make up a huge part of the overall look of the room, so the color choices carry a lot of weight. In addition, it is not something that you are quite used to doing in comparison to choosing a color for the walls. The wrong decision can be a disaster when talking about kitchen units, especially when have just paid for a kitchen remodeler.

Today, there are hundreds of different shades you can choose from. There are deep and dark tones, airy hues, and light shades so you can have the color you have been dreaming of. Read on to learn more about how you can choose the right one.

Choose Cabinets Colors According to the Kitchen Design

If you have chosen a traditional design for a kitchen, shaker cabinets in classic colors such as whites and creams are always a good idea and rich stains bring out the natural wood cabinet grains.

However, if you have one more modern kitchen remodeling and have installed melamine cabinets, consider bold with dark blues, sunny yellows, or rich reds.

Consider the Size

Do you have a big or small kitchen? Does it have good lighting? These are important questions because the color of cabinets can enhance or oppress your kitchen. An under-lit or small kitchen will benefit if you have lighter kitchen cabinets, while dark cabinets work great in a bigger space.

Decide on the Floors and Tiles

If you have existing wall tiles or flooring, you should think about what will complement it. Equally, if you have a specific pattern or color on your backsplash, you should remember that when you choose the shade of your kitchen cabinet.

You do not want to have too much going on with the ones that are fighting with each other. You might have to live with a mistake that can take a long time if you do not get it right. You should not forget that colors on paper are not always the same as the real thing so you should try getting samples to make sure that you know what you are ordering.

Multiple Colors

Are you feeling playful or bold? Two kitchen cabinet colors can be impactful and fun. If you want to be safe, choose a bold color and then pair it with a neutral color. This will also work well when you sparingly use a bold color. Try painting your kitchen island cabinetry different from other parts of the kitchen for fun, but do not overpower it, so that it has a punch of color.

Choose a Color that Matches the Countertop and Backsplash

Regardless if you choose a popular option of an all-white kitchen or go for contrasting textures and colors, think about the whole picture when you choose a cabinet.

Base it on the Style You Have in Mind

If you are going for a specific style, the color you choose will help you achieve it. in order to give your kitchen a beach-house feel, the ideal colors to choose are chalky blue and mix it with white, and cream. For a country-style kitchen, choose sage green cabinets for the perfect combination.

A retro kitchen will require you to choose fun colors like soft turquoise, bubblegum pink, or any pop-art color from the 50s and 60s. If you want something futuristic, black, grey, and white are the best choices.

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