How to Choose a Bathtub

How to Choose a Bathtub

If you want an update or a better bathroom design, adding a few pieces can make a huge impact on your bathroom remodeling project. The bathtub is the largest fixture, and it can serve as the bathroom’s centerpiece, which makes a strong statement about the design and room. The tub can easily be blended into the other fixtures to come up with a cohesive look. Choosing the perfect bathtub takes a lot of preparation and research, and this includes where the water source is available space, and design.

When you are choosing a bathtub, you need to be aware of what you must look for in order to make the best choice. You should read on to find out more.

Your Family’s Needs

When you are buying a new bathtub, the primary thing you must decide on is whether you just want to replace the current one you have or a complete bathroom renovation. If you are in the process of completing a bathroom, you will most likely have plenty of options. However, even with little space, a little planning can be practical, and your beautiful bathtub will last forever.

You must also think about the functionality of your bathtub right now and in the future. If you have a large family with plenty of needs, it is not the same as a retiree who has mobility issues. Some of the bathtubs are multi-functional features, while some are focused on indulgence.

Your Budget

You must write down your budget for the project. You can also write a budget range compared to only one number.

When you write down your budget, include the cost, installation, and fixtures, such as overflow drain, drain, faucet handles, tub spout, and showerhead.

If you have a flexible budget, it can pay off if you perform research before determining the range. You should browse online and read to find out what a realistic price would be for the bathtub and faucet.

Tub Weight and Composition

When you are looking for the right bathtub, the composition is an important thing to consider. Most of the time, comfort and durability are of extreme importance when choosing a new bathtub. You should touch and feel the materials so you can determine which one feels comfortable. You must also determine the maximum weight that your floor can bear before buying a bathtub, especially if both of them are above ground floor level.

Measure Your Bathroom

In order to buy the right bathtub, it will allow you to know the space dimensions you have and how many room fixtures can the bathroom take up, especially if you have chosen any of them.

You should measure the walls and fixtures such as the toilet and vanity. Use centimeters or inches for the measurements and do not go up or down, but write down exact figures.


Fiberglass – Probably, the best economical option, fiberglass bathtubs are very lightweight but not as durable as the others. The ones with gel coatings have glossy and easy-to-clean are slippery.

Acrylic – A good fiberglass alternative, but they are pricier yet more durable and have better heat retention.

Cast iron – Better heat retention compared to other materials, not the cheapest option, and extremely durable.

Cast polymer – This bathtub is coated in enamel that offers heat retention by a cast-iron tub.

Enameled steel – Lighter weight, but cannot retain heat as much as cast iron.

Stone – Made from engineered materials that are similar to a natural look such as granite, limestone, and marble.

Copper – Can conduct and retain heat very well.

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