How to Choose a Kitchen Island

How to Choose a Kitchen Island

Are you searching for something that gives your kitchen a little extra flair? Do you want to make your dining and kitchen space more organized so your kitchen workflow will be a lot better? Do you want to create a hub where people can gather while eating? You can pay for a kitchen remodeler when you want to install a kitchen island because it can do all that. However, choosing one can be challenging. It is imperative that you know what you want because this can guide you on what to look for. Otherwise, it will become a disturbance instead of a benefit.

You can read this article until the end to learn more if you have no idea how to choose a kitchen island.


Since an island is unattached, theoretically, you can put it anywhere in your kitchen – but that does not mean it is okay to do that. The island should be put where it will be most useful. If you will use it for food preparation, you should put it close to the fridge or pantry so that you can easily access ingredients. In case you want to use the island for serving food, it might be a good idea to have it closer to the stove.


If you want to use the kitchen island in an informal space for dining, you should plan for about 24 inches of width for every person. For enough legroom, there has to be a clearance of 9 to 13 inches between the bottom of the counter and the knees.


The kitchen island is functional, but it definitely looks awesome as well. By thinking about that, you need to choose an island that has a congruous style with the existing kitchen. You do not have to match the cabinet color or door style but you must have similar accents, corbels, moldings, and more so you can make sure that the island will not stick out like a sore thumb.


The island height must be about 30, 36, or 42 inches, and you will be able to combine different heights depending on what you need. If you want to use a portion of the island for baking, that side can be made lower. However, if you want to use the other end for eating, that side can be made taller so you can put bar stools.

Being aware that you can use the kitchen island is going to help you decide the height.

Not All of Them are Made the Same Way

Your island is going to be more beneficial to you when you want to keep your needs in mind. Are you into baking? Do you require extra storage? Based on how you want to use your kitchen, designs, different countertop materials, and features can be recommended.

In case the kids would want to stay in the kitchen while doing homework, a great choice would be a two-tier, multi-level island. This way, you can help them do their assignments while cooking dinner.

Choose if You Want a Closed or Open Kitchen Island

The beauty of open shelves is that they can help you display and easily access your dishware and books. If there are no doors, making the kitchen island is cheaper.

It also indicates that you can keep the shelves uncluttered and minimalist. If you do not like this and prefer to have shelving, you can put in cabinet doors because they are better for you.

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