How to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Getting caught up in choosing the bigger items, like cabinetry, flooring, or countertops for the new kitchen when you build a custom home or do the renovation can be daunting. A kitchen remodeling project is not complete until you have chosen hardware for kitchen cabinetry that will strike the right balance between function and form. This decorative touch pulls the entire project together and then imbues it with a flair that will reflect your personality.

Decorative hardware for kitchens comes in different kinds of styles, sizes, finishes, and materials. If you want a new style, size, or finish of cabinet hardware or you are not sure if you should choose knobs or pulls, you need to research – learn more now.

Choose a Hardware Finish

In the design process, you might want brass or something specific. You can choose one that goes with the style of your home that also matches the other hardware you already have You can have mixed matte black hardware, but make sure that it goes with the other cabinets.

This is the beginning of the process and once you have decided on this, you can already move on to the other considerations.

The Cabinet Style

The style you choose will depend on the kitchen style you have, and on the type of cabinets you want. Cabinets with a traditional style have intricate face profiles, which goes with traditional hardware: Cabinets that have a simpler style or with totally flat faces work well with minimalist knobs and pulls. Some modern cabinets do not need the hardware because they have grooves on the door edges, or push latches are used to open them.

Cup pulls are a great complement to cabinets, mainly in a country-style kitchen. Recessed hardware gives an elegant and modern look, but it can be more expensive.

Handle Sizes and Positioning

You need to consider the balance, proportion, function, and aesthetics when you decide on the knob or pull size for the kitchen cabinetry.  An oversized cabinet door or drawer requires a huge piece of hardware for the right functionality. A knob with a smaller size or pull is made for a smaller drawer or door. A nice rule to follow for traditional or transitional style pulls is that they have to be about 1/3 of the cabinet drawer. Drawers that are larger than 18 inches wide might need more than one knob or pull. More contemporary designs need long pulls that cover 2/3 of the drawer length or cabinet door.

Consider What Other Metals There are in Your Kitchen

What color is your appliance? Have you considered your lighting? Faucet? For other people, matching appliances to hardware might not be that important. People have seen a lot of kitchens with brass pulls and stainless appliances. If you want everything coordinated, consider the entire kitchen when you choose the color pulls.

Scale is an Important Consideration

Choosing the right hardware scale is the worst part of the process. If you are a visual person, you could be sensitive to scale and proportion.

To make the process lighter, you can bring a door front and drawer to a store for checking. You will see some that require more maintenance than others. Once you have chosen the hardware, you can narrow down the top 5 choices you have and decide. You can judge their scale one by one and this is a very important step when you are placing an order. In addition, you should be feeling totally confident in your selection.

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