How to Choose the Right Kitchen Style for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Style for Your Home

When you think about a traditional kitchen, your mind is probably thinking about baking and cooking your favorite food with your family. Gone are the days when the kitchen was a dreary space to work in behind closed doors. Today, the kitchen is the heart of every home and it is a central space where everyone can gather.

When you contact a kitchen remodeling contractor, you want to be sure about the style you want because renovating is not cheap. The good thing about style is that you already know what you love and hate. In case you have not decided on a kitchen style, you can follow these tips:

Modern Style

Modern can widely vary, but with kitchen design, it normally means frameless cabinets, simple and sleek hardware, and straight horizontal lines.

Modern kitchens are popular because they resonate with unfussy, clever designs that give you minimal clutter. Modern kitchens look best without busyness, so you should think about bare countertops and slick surfaces like stainless steel.

You can also go for wood and make it look ultramodern by pairing it with slimline cabinetry, slick hardware, a cabinet with no handles, and even functional storage.


Traditional kitchens are identified by how much detail they have and are normally wood. You should think of cut-in grooves or raised lines on decorative moldings, cabinets, corbels, wooden work surfaces, ‘antique’ finishes, and decorative wall tiles. For instance, shaker kitchens feature door detailing, and it is among the most popular traditional styles in the kitchen because of its functionality and simplicity.


The style of this kitchen focuses on functionality, which is greatly influenced by livability. The key is simplicity, and it is about showcasing the space instead of contemporary, and it is a stylistic implication of what is happening now. If you like to follow trends, this might be a style that you can consider. Copper features and accents are big trends and reclaimed wood features with bold colors. When you go for a certain color palette, have 60% in primary color, 30% secondary, and 10% for accent color.

Farmhouse Kitchens

This is also known as a country kitchen, and it exudes the feel and looks of a rural retreat. You should think of freestanding furniture, big chunky tables in rustic wood, a mixture of finishes, and timer cabinetry like natural stone, and antique brass that creates a lived-in effect.

The key to styling a farmhouse kitchen is an imperfection with a lived-in feel. You should try to mix finishes, textures, and colors, instead of matching. Neutral colors are popular in farmhouse kitchens: You should think about warm-white cabinets, a rough-hewn wood island, and nickel finishes that allow a natural patina over time.


Transitional kitchens combine the best of both worlds and they combine features from more than one style that will suit your personal taste and needs. You need to think about sleek wooden wall cabinets that have foldaway glass fronts mixed with a contrasting color on the units below; country-style grooved units that have a cutting-edge cooker hood; this is tailor-made.


Industrial might not be the word that you would want to talk about regarding your kitchen. It is comprised of high ceilings, wide-open space, large windows, exposed brick piping, and beams. Industrial kitchens are becoming more popular every year. It is designed to create a rugged and highly modern feel. It is normally found in apartments, lifts, and detached homes.

If you are ready with the style you want, you can also contact bathroom remodelers Bowie anytime. You will be well taken-care of and achieve the kind of kitchen you always wanted.