Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

The bathroom is among the priciest rooms in your house to remodel or renovate, and it is second to kitchens. However, bathroom remodeling does not always have to be a gut renovation so your space feels more luxurious. When you install a new vanity, acquire a beautiful tub, and then spend on a new shower, you can still enjoy numerous ways to make your bathroom look more expensive. You do not necessarily have to break the bank.

If you are renting, you can also go luxurious by spending less. When you upgrade small details such as your mirror, storage, or bath mat, you can easily elevate how your bathroom looks and feels. Find more tips here:

Put Tiles Diagonally

It is recommended that you use diagonal tiling compared to tiling on the square vertically or horizontally. This trick will make your bathroom appear fancy, and it will open up the space, which is crucial if your loo is cramped.

This gives your bathroom a custom bespoke feel.

Covering a wall in tile up to the ceiling adds a lot of sparkle and dimension to a lifeless surface.

Choosing the right materials is important, but the way you use materials is important.

Update Your Shower Curtain

You should take out the shower curtain if it is old and then replace it using a clean and new one. If this is possible, you can replace the curtain and rod using a glass door or enclosure. That makes a huge difference.

Consider replacing the shower curtains using sliding glass doors for your tub. They come in different shapes and sizes, and even the ‘off the rack’ ones are better-looking compared to a shower curtain, making the bathroom look renovated.

Replace the Bath Mat

A tired or dirty bath mat will surely make your bathroom look untidy and unkempt. In case you own one, it should be replaced swiftly. However, the fanciest bathrooms already took a step further by changing the terry cloth mats with Persian rugs. The tufted rugs are soft and the best substitute for your bath mat. When there are beautiful patterns and colors that gets better while they fade, they can add a lot of personality and sophistication.

Normally, these kinds of rugs are a big investment, but because of the bathroom’s tiny footprint, it is possible to own a small luxury piece.

Use Large-scale Lighting

One of the best tricks is to install large-scale lighting and fixtures, especially flush-mount chandeliers.

All of them can make a huge overhead impact, but it will not take up any physical space in the room. Keep in mind that your biggest luxury is space.

Add Brass

Lately, you are going to see a lot of copper and brass being used everywhere, especially in luxurious bathrooms. The truth is that it is not chrome that instantly gives you leg up on the average look of your bathroom. You do not necessarily have to replace all faucets, but a magnifying mirror, soap dish, or small jar might be enough.

Swap Hardware, Tiles, and Fixtures

When you have a budget but want to work with fixtures and hardware, you should stay away from trendy finishes because they can be a lot more expensive. Their maintenance is also harder. Clean and simple chrome finishes are affordable and wear better compared to satin nickel and antiques. Porcelain tiles also help lower your budget a little, and there are good options you can choose from.

If you want to renovate your bathroom a little, do not hesitate to call bathroom remodeling contractors Rockville anytime because they are always ready to accommodate you.