How to Choose the Perfect Shower Head

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Head

Shower heads are among the most important things to have in your home because you need them in your daily routine. You will probably start or end the day taking a shower. Therefore, you have not thought about how the right shower head can be life-changing. Regardless if you rent or have a place of your own, there are a lot of options; luxe-looking versions, water savers, and available varieties that are easy to install. When you are planning your bathroom remodeling project, you need to follow certain tips so you can make the best decision.

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Type of Showerheads

  • Wall mount – A standard kind of shower head that only projects from the bathroom wall.
  • Rain – This is a ceiling or wall-mounted head that gives you a softer and rainfall-inspired water flow; normally paired with a standard showerhead with a higher pressure for washing that is more efficient.
  • Dual – A combination of handheld and fixed shower head.
  • Shower tower – This is a large or board-shaped fixture that has multiple shower heads integrated. It will offer a lot of benefits at a lower cost, but it may be hard to install.
  • LED – A showerhead that has integrated lighting, sometimes with mood-lighting settings.
  • High pressure – A category of shower heads that are designed for a forceful delivery of water.
  • Low flow – Shower heads that are designed to conserve water; normally features aeration so the pressure level is more comfortable.


Many things depend on personal preference. When you are choosing a shower head, you would want to consider the warm coverage, spray pattern, and how much water pressure comes from the spray. The most vital aspect of a great shower is the experience and spray that creates on your body and around it which is why you must evaluate the shower head’s pattern. There are also concentrated and narrow options such as a handheld shower head with a wide hose, and the ones with diffused sprays.

Shower Style

Consider the style, shape, and finish that is going to elevate or complement the décor scheme of your bathroom. This is mostly an aesthetic decision, so you should always consider the constraints and the spray area you desire when deciding on a shape. A decorative shower head with an unusual shape serves as a statement piece while providing you with a different shower experience.

You are going to discover that comes in a variety of colors beyond the classic chrome, which includes gold, black, and bronze in every shade. You should consider other bathroom design elements you have, like the tiles, and fixtures when you choose a shower head.


The majority of shower heads being sold in the market are easy to install. However, that is not something to be taken for granted. If you have a talent for DIY, you might want to fit the new shower head on your own. Even if it is a great way to save you money, you should not be fooled by how simple shower heads seem to be. Some of them can be tricky to install, and others are only for certain plumbing configurations. If you have a doubt, you can always ask experts for plumbing advice.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a very important factor when choosing a shower head because it affects the sensations you feel when you shower. Water flow is measured based on gallons per minute (gpm).

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