Signs that You Need New Bathroom Tiles

Signs that You Need New Bathroom Tiles

Using bathroom floor and wall tiles can create an excellent-looking space. The truth is, that tiles are excellent for providing a tidy, attractive, and neat appearance. In addition, a tile surface is resilient and durable which is excellent when there are kids.

If your bathroom tiles are hexagon and large in size, you cannot ignore them and expect them to look excellent. The truth behind this is that bathrooms are similar to anything else in your home. It will come to a point when you need to the help of bathroom remodelers to replace the tiles for you. During this time, re-telling surfaces can provide a neat, fresh, and clean look. Read on to know if your bathroom tiles need to be replaced.


The humid and wet conditions of the bathroom make it conducive for mold to form. Most of the time, mold grows when cracks exist in the current lines. While water splits into these cracks, it will create an ideal breeding ground for the spores, which aggravate asthma, as well as other respiratory issues that are left unchecked. You might also need to call a plumber to check your bathroom for any leaks to find out if a leak contributes to mold growth before you install new tiles.

You Do Not Like How They Look

Have you moved into a new home recently? Or did you always hate how the yellow or pale blue tile looks in your outdated bathroom? This is an eyesore, but you cannot decorate the space to show off your style because the tile color would clash.

You should not worry because you do not have to just roll with it. While it might require some work, getting rid of the old tile and putting a new one is worth the investment. Think about it, you can choose a durable, beautiful, and neutral color, so you can decorate the bathroom appropriately.

Stains Won’t Come Off

In case your tiles are already stained, this can be a problem, and it is very hard to get them off. This will not look great, and it can really affect the room’s overall appearance. It will affect how you perceive the room’s overall appearance. This will also make it harder to have it rented out if you were planning that. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house that tenants will check out.

Replacing your bathroom tiles is easier, specifically if there is already a stain buildup.

The Grout is Discolored

It is not just your bathroom tiles that might become shabby or discolored, but the grout can gather up stains as well. Since grout is porous, it will absorb liquids, whether they are from shower or cleaning solutions that you employ.

While grout improves your tile flooring’s appearance, it is mainly prone to water damage because of its porousness. Grout is able to absorb water and cleaning agents, which results in obvious discoloration. When you re-tile your bathroom, it might help restore the room’s appearance if there is wide discoloration.


If you see any major and visible cracks in your bathroom tiles, then they will get even more damaged because of regular water and it damages the neighboring tiles as well. It is better to replace the cracked tiles so you can save the other tiles.


Warping is a major sign of any water damage. if you see that tiles are starting to come away from the wall, it is a sign that you need a fresh tile installation.

You can contact bathroom remodeling contractors Silver Spring to replace your tiles.