Space-Saving Small Kitchen Ideas

Space-Saving Small Kitchen Ideas

Small apartments and houses offer a lot of charm, but they can lack something when it comes to their kitchen space. The good thing is that there are a lot of small kitchen ideas that maximize the efficiency of storage. When you think creatively on how to get the most from your tiny kitchen floor plan and it utilizes the countertop, as well as with the land you have, even the smallest kitchens have a space you can enjoy and hang out in.

You can read about kitchen remodeling tips here if you want to save space and utilize your small area.

Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Drawers

You can do this or install pull-outs inside the cupboards. The reason is that cupboards cannot store a lot of things as drawers or pull-outs. In fact, plenty of space gets washed above the stored items inside the cabinet.

Together with this, all the drawer contents are seen and accessible. Aside from that, 3 to 4 drawers can fit in the space of a cupboard, which creates a more organized arrangement.

Add a Single-Bowl Sink

If you will remodel your kitchen, consider adding a single bowl instead of a bowl with a standard size. Instead of having 2 small bowls, you will have a large one. If you combine 25 inches single bowl sink with a 30-inch base cabinet with an 18-inch extra narrow dishwasher, you will gain extra cabinet space.

Make Sure that the Cabinets are Smooth, Modern, and Streamlined

In case you want to change your cabinets, keep in mind that cabinet designs for small kitchens are among the most crucial and defining space elements. Replacing the heavy handles and knobs using finger pulls, sleek handles, magnetic strips or tiny knobs gives kitchen cabinets a modern and minimal look, which makes the room seem larger.

Choose Invisible Hardware

When you lean against the counter, you do not want to feel any handles poking your sides. You also want to have a clean surface where you can really see the surface material. It makes working a lot more efficient.

Blind Corners Have to be More Accessible

Blind-corner cabinets on inside corners that can be accessed from only one door. If your cabinet has a blind corner, you know it is difficult to reach anything that is shoved to the back. The majority of kitchen designers try to plan space for a lazy Susan cabinet instead of a blind corner.

Extends Cupboards All the Way to the Ceiling

Do not waste all the space that is above your cabinets, and it is difficult to clean dust up there. You must get your remodel contractor to extend the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling or put new cupboards in that area, so you can store more items. This is going to draw your eyes upwards, which gives heights to your kitchen otherwise.

Organize the Cabinets Properly

For a small room, it is important to get organized. When you have a premium space, you cannot waste any of it, even if your cabinets have hidden spaces. You can stock up on risers, organizers for different pots and pans, spice racks, and anything else that streamlines and maximizes the storage in your kitchen. When you organize your cabinets, you will definitely save space.

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