Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Before hiring bathroom remodelers, you should collect references from homeowners. You want to get genuine feedback from people who are living through a bathroom renovation with the design or firm that you want to go for.

A designer must be extremely detailed since a bathroom is smaller, so the layout of the tiles and fixture locations are all very critical. Personally, the professionals that you bring home to help with projects will be in your home all day, and, maybe, for a couple of weeks or even longer.

When you choose a remodeler, you need to get along with them because you will be spending a lot of time with them. That is why you must hire the right one. Here are tips you can follow:

Have a Clear Plan

If you cannot provide a floor plan to your bathroom contractor, you must convey what you can expect from the renovation. You must have an idea of your estimate, budget, bathroom size, style, design, and layout.

So, if you are thinking about changing the footprint of your bathroom, or you want to move your plumbing or electrical lines, you should tell the contractor. If you have any kind of flooring, shower area, toilet, light fixture, or bathroom sink, let your contractor know.

Look at Their Credentials

The upgrade you want will directly affect the cost, labor, and materials, but do not allow that to tempt you to scrimp on your budget. Your main concern should be to hire a remodeling company with the right licensing and insurance. You must verify their legitimacy on the local government’s website so you can make sure that you will not have to pay for the bill in case there is an accident.

Choose Among Bathroom Contractors and Bathroom Designers

The majority of bathroom remodeling contractors will work on the design plan you want them to follow. On the other hand, bathroom designers have a more full-scale operation. They handle minimal design down to the tiniest detail, which includes the wall bathroom mirror. You should assess your requirements and choose which one you are looking to hire.

List Down Top Prospects

After your phone interview, you should confirm the information they give you. Talk to the state licensing board so you can verify the contractor license number status. You should reach out to the insurance carrier to confirm that they are updated. In case they do not have a license or insurance, talk to their references.

Remember that their references are a sample of the clients they love. These can be their top fans, so expect positive responses. Take note of red flags, like lacking recent references, high-cost overruns, or a consistent poor courtesy review.

Plan on the Delays that May Happen

Despite careful planning, having all the materials, detailed scheduling, and other factors, there are times when the project runs longer than expected. If you plan to do it yourself, you might spend double the time if you hired a contractor. Timing is important in a bathroom project since you cannot do A to Z.

Therefore, you must allow a leeway, because the level of complexity that is involved in a bathroom renovation can cause delays. You should not plan to entertain overnight guests during the weekend after your bathroom remodeling project is supposed to have its completion. You should not be having a birthday party at your home so you do not have to deal with more mess other than the one from the bathroom remodeling.

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