How You Can Save on a Kitchen Remodel Project

How You Can Save on a Kitchen Remodel Project

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular renovation projects that homeowners like to spend time on, but it can become expensive. The average cost of a kitchen remodeling project is between $13,486 and $38,101 or $75 to $250 for one square foot.

The kitchen remodels cost ranges dramatically, and it depends on the size, quality of the materials, and each project scope. However, the projects you are choosing to need focus on are helpful in keeping the costs low within the budget.

You can maximize your budget on kitchen remodeling, and you can get some tips in this article on how to do that. Make sure to read until the end.

Have a Budget Plan

If you do not have a detailed plan for remodeling your kitchen, you might go over budget. The trends found when it comes to the budget were among the top challenges in a renovation project that homeowners are facing.

Remodeling is 75% planning and then 25% goes to implementation. If you plan it well in advance and your design is good, then when you take action, everything goes smoothly and quickly. You can control the cost this way.

You should also look for estimated timelines. During this time, when design professionals and home remodeling are busy, it is important to ask about timelines.

Engineered Stone or Butcher Block for Counters

When you are choosing a kitchen countertop, you need to weigh the durability with cost so you can find the right one for when you cook. Sometimes, there are less durable materials that are more expensive like marble is not as durable as granite or quartzite. From there, it is better to choose a natural or manufactured stone, but this depends on your budget. Engineered stone can look as good as natural stone, but it can cost less and be more durable. You must think outside the box if necessary. You should choose stone countertops that have neutral shades so you can go with changing trends

For people who do not cook a lot and do not really need a resilient stone, they can always go for butcher blocks.

Change the Light Fixtures

With natural lighting, the wrong kind of artificial lighting or lighting in the wrong location can quickly become a problem. A kitchen with good lighting makes changing light fixtures easy and affordable.

Shop Local for the Custom Kitchens

If you need to install new cabinets, you should consider all the options. You need to put together box cabinets, which might be the cheapest option when you look at it, but you need to remember that those kinds of cabinets might not be durable for a long time. There is a lot of custom, local woodworkers who are going to tear out and install a kitchen for the same cost as the higher-end cabinets, so you might be getting your money’s worth when you ask for local recommendations for small businesses.

Strategize on Where You Splurge

Even the small purchases can add up fast, but that does not mean you should not splurge. Homeowners have to be strategic about where they spend a lot of their money.

You can spend more on a small quantity of an expensive tile and place it in the field of a tile that is a lot less expensive, but the result looks expensive.

This is applicable to most materials in the kitchen, but it needs to be strategic. Every decision you make leads to big savings.

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