Which Kitchen Renovations To Do Before Selling Your House?

Which Kitchen Renovations To Do Before Selling Your House?

Are you deciding to sell your house? Well, if you want to add some extra value to your home, you need to do kitchen remodeling. Here are some things you can spruce up in the kitchen to make the deal even sweeter.

Kitchen Remodeling Before Selling The House

Change Up The Flooring

If you want to go the extra mile and want your kitchen to have that attractive feature that buyers know and love, then get the flooring replaced in your kitchen.

This might be a bit more on the expensive side, but if you invest in good flooring materials, then it will add tremendous value to your house and you’ll get a lot of potential buyers and will surely strike a good deal with one of them. Changing the floors also doesn’t take as long as you think and you’ll be done in no time.

A Paint Job

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can instantly make your kitchen look great and ready for sale is a good old paint job. A lot of the time, your kitchen doesn’t need anything more, other than a fresh coat of paint to look brand new.

If you really want to attract buyers, then a great tip to follow is to go for neutral and lighter colors, because that’s a game changer when it comes to making the kitchen look like something straight out of a home exhibit magazine.

Freshen-Up The Cabinets

Instead of thinking about installing new cabinets and getting yourself involved in a hassle, the better alternative is to paint and freshen them up. Your cabinets are in good condition, most of the time, and replacing them can be an overkill and completely unnecessary.

This is why you should consider sanding them down and painting them to give your kitchen an elevated and newer appearance. This is not only fast, but you won’t be spending a fortune either, so it’s a win-win situation.

Change The Fixtures

Are your taps and faucets stained with lime and scale? Well, that’s not the most attractive look and you don’t want buyers to see that. So, what you want to do instead is to get these fixtures replaced.

Replacing taps and faucets is a great way of making your kitchen appear fresh and vibrant and it doesn’t cost you a lot either. You can get amazing quality fixtures at a reasonable price and the best part is that you can even install them yourself if you’re good at doing minimal plumbing work.

Try to go for minimal and practical faucets and tap fixtures because the classics never go out of style.

Change The Countertops

This is a huge leap, but depending on the material, it’s well worth it. If you want to attract buyers to make a deal on your house and you want them to fall in love with your kitchen, then changing up the countertops will do just that.

Some materials are winners among people. For example, granite and quartz are two of the most popular kitchen countertop materials and they add a lot of value to your house as well. Yes, getting them installed is an investment, but it’s an investment that you don’t want to skip if you want to woo potential buyers.

Get New Appliances

Replacing appliances can seem like a far stretch, but they’re going to leave buyers feeling appreciated and they will prefer your house over others. Why, you ask?

Well, replacing old appliances for new ones isn’t something that a lot of people do, and if buyers see that you took the time and effort to change the appliances, then they’re going to remember this detail and that’s going to give you fetch a better price when they seal the deal.

New Backsplash

If changing up the countertops is a bit too much for you, then you can certainly skip it and you can, instead, change up the backsplash (but if you’re feeling the remodeling rush, you can always do both).

A backsplash is the arrangement of tiles or a sturdy material on the wall behind and surrounding the sink and countertops. This is a very beautiful feature a lot of buyers love and you can jazz it up a notch, by replacing the backsplash tiles. This small change is going to make a significant difference in how your kitchen looks and potential buyers will appreciate this fact.

Remove The Clutter

This is probably one of the most important things to do when you’re trying to renovate your house for selling purposes. Once you’ve decided to sell your house and are planning on remodeling it, you need to start getting rid of the clutter first.

It’s good to do a deep clean of the entire kitchen and get rid of all useless items, old appliances, and other things that are just taking up space in your kitchen. You need to do a thorough cleaning up of the kitchen before you can even start with the remodeling or renovation.

Get New Lighting

Lighting is a very important factor to keep in mind when you’re renovating your kitchen for sale. Good lighting will set the ambiance and potential clients can see your kitchen in the right light. So, if your kitchen is lacking in this department, then it’s best to tackle the issue as soon as possible. You can go for recessed lights, shelf lights, and even lights under the cabinets for a beautiful effect.

The key is to ensure that no corner of your kitchen is left dark because a bright kitchen is appreciated and loved by everyone.

New Tables And Chairs

If you have an integrated kitchen and dining area, then you might need to give your tables and chairs extra attention. If the wood of the tables and chairs is in good condition, but still want a bit of freshening up, then you can certainly get the entire furniture polished and waxed for that pristine and shiny appearance.

However, if your dining furniture is really old, it’s better to invest in a new dining table and chair set because, believe it or not, that’s going to cost you a lot less than getting the old one repaired.

Set It Up Right

You want to master the art of setting everything up. You want your kitchen to look like a model exhibit, so it’s best if you take some time out and do your research on how you should prop up certain things to make the space look visually appealing.

Placement and styling of the kitchen are key factors in making sure that potential buyers remember your house and the visual is imprinted in their minds. So, take all of the help you need from the internet and find inspirational photos of model kitchens, so that you can transform yours too.


These renovations aren’t that expensive, but you’ll be doing your house a great favor. If you’re confused about which renovations increase your house’s value more, get help from kitchen remodeling companies Rockville. Once you tell them you want to renovate for selling the house, they will give you innovative remodeling ideas which offer the best return on investment.