How to Pair Countertops with Your Dark Kitchen Cabinets

How to Pair Countertops with Your Dark Kitchen Cabinets

When you hire a kitchen remodeling contractor, they will tell you that a lot of homeowners first choose the color of their cabinets. The exteriors and cabinet doors take up about 80% of visible space in the kitchen, which is only sensible.

Since countertops are among the most expensive things in any kitchen remodel, you should choose them first. There is no wrong or right method in going about this.

If you want a modern or transitional look, you should frequently couple black cabinetry with cream, white, or light grey countertops. Most of the time, the light colors perfectly complement dark cabinets.

You can learn from the tips that will be mentioned here on how to pair countertops with kitchen cabinets.

Use White to Highlight Them

If you have doubts about the tones in your kitchen, you should include paler colors so you can ensure that you have enough illumination used for cooking and to really show the dark elements.

You will see kitchens with white cabinets that can contrast with dark cabinets and even countertops. The LED lighting and white walls will add to the paler section and brighter feel, which helps frame the black granite counters and dark kitchen cabinets with wood veneer.

Cool Gray Shades

Gray is among the most popular colors used for kitchen countertops because of the cool and classic hue that is combined with different shades. Cabinet colors that come close to a medium hue are useful with granite countertops. The result leads to beautiful surfaces that set off walnut cabinetry.

Use Gold for Perfect Combination

Countertop colors using neutral base shades and golden variants will look stunning when you pair them with cabinets that have darker colors. Golden shades will look beautiful with espresso-colored cabinets. You need to allow the colors to truly shine by choosing an edge style for countertops and plain cabinet styles for cabinets and hardware. For instance, a kitchen with a classic shaker style and a granite countertop is among the most popular shades.

Even if there are a couple of exceptions, the majority of dark cabinetry can pair with neutral-toned countertops. When you stick with dominant color palettes, there is a chance that you will not be disappointed with the way they pair with dark cabinetry.

Use a Mixture of Countertop Materials

To make it more interesting, combine several types of dark countertop materials. You can try an island with a ceramic surface with a mottled finish that complements the black walnut.

Use Black

Countertops that are made of black granite have made a comeback in the kitchens. Glossy or matte with veining of different degrees, as well as splashes of several shades, black countertops will always create a great appearance. The variety of granite also offers a strong performance. Its sturdiness and durability are the same as other dark granite countertops to provide a strong statement.

Use White Marble to Soften it

Your kitchen will have a chic look if you mix in dark tones, but if you are worried that they might be too harsh, you can make it softer. Like if you can use a marble backsplash if your kitchen has deep hues.

The gray veining marbles will give walls a texture that will contrast the flat finish on any cabinetry.


It would be good to have a balance between cabinets and counters when you choose a unifying element. Designers can choose black cabinet knobs, which match the black countertop.

When you use the same black tone in cabinet details, you are creating a harmonious space.

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